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The Dream Card is for riders that are looking for essential roadside assistance but still want access to all the amazing benefits and rewards that the FIM family offers. This card is digital only and no physical card will be generated. Download Terms & Conditions Fields marked with an * are mandatory

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FIM LOYALTY CARD "DREAM" INFORMATION NOTICE HOW TO CONTACT OUR ASSISTANCE ASSISTANCE SERVICE 126, rue de la Piazza - CS 20010 – 93196 Noisy le Grand CEDEX 7 days a week – 24 hours a day
  • by phone from France :
(Non-surcharged call, cost according to operator, call subject to registration)
  • by telephone outside France : preceded by the local code for access to the international network
(Non-surcharged call, cost according to operator, call subject to registration)
  • by fax: 01.
  • by e-mail :
Motorcycle assistance: Travel assistance: To allow us to intervene in the best conditions, remember to gather the following information that will be requested during your call:
  • The number of your contract,
  • Your first and last name,
  • Your home address ,
  • The country, city or town in which you are at the time of the call,
  • Specify the exact address (number, street, hotel possibly, etc.),
  • The phone number where we can reach you,
  • The nature of your problem.
During the first call, you will be given a support file number. Remind him systematically, during any subsequent relations with our Assistance Service. The languages of communication with our Support Service are as follows: French, English, Spanish. TABLE OF GUARANTEES
  • Breakdown / Towing in your country of residence (A)
  • Temporary accommodation (B)
  • Repatriation to home (C)
  • Vehicle Recovery (D)
(A) 200 €
  1. €80 per night / Maximum 3 nights
  1. Ticket*
  1. One-way ticket *
* by train 2nd class or airliner economy class ARTICLE 1 DEFINITIONS AND SCOPE We, the insurer SOLID Assurances, Swiss Branch, Rte de la Fonderie 2, 1700 Fribourg. The Insurer has delegated the management of assistance guarantees to: MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE – 126, rue de la Piazza - CS 20010 – 93196 Noisy le Grand CEDEX. SA with a capital of €12,558,240 – Company governed by the French Insurance Code – Subject to the supervision of the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel de Résolution – 4 Place de Budapest, CS 92459, 75436 Paris Cedex 09 – 383 974 086 RCS Bobig     ny – VAT FR 31 383 974 086. Accident Any material damage suffered by the Guaranteed Vehicle. Beneficiaries Persons, referred to as "you", holders of the "DREAM" LOYALTY CARD. Definition of motorcycle assistance Motorcycle assistance includes all  services implemented following   the immobilization or deprivation of the guaranteed vehicle, following a guaranteed event. Guaranteed travel Any trip undertaken more than 100 km from your home with the guaranteed vehicle, including at least one night's accommodation. Business travel is excluded. Home The Insured's principal place of residence worldwide. In the event of a dispute, the tax address constitutes the domicile. Break-in Any force, breakage, degradation, demolition and removal of the elements used to close the vehicle. Foreign Any country outside your country of residence. Guaranteed events Accident, breakdown, theft, vandalism of the vehicle guaranteed. Performance of services The services guaranteed by this agreement can only be triggered with the prior agreement of MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE. Consequently, no expenditure made by the Beneficiaries may be reimbursed by MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE. Intervention exemption 100Milesofthehome. Immobilization of the vehicle The immobilization of the vehicle begins from the moment it is deposited at the repair garage closest to the scene of the incident. The duration of the Immobilization will be indicated by the repairer as soon as the Vehicle is taken over or, if necessary, to say expert. It ends at the actual end of the work. We organize We take the necessary steps to give you access to the service. We take care of We fund the service. Nullity Any fraud, falsification or false declarations and false testimonies likely to implement the guarantees provided for in the agreement, result in the nullity of our commitments and the forfeiture of the rights provided for in the said agreement. Failure Any fortuitous incident of mechanical, electrical, electronic or hydraulic origin, immobilizing the Vehicle, making it impossible for the Driver to use it under normal safety conditions. Territoriality Worldwide. Vandalism Property damage caused with no other motive than the desire to damage or destroy. Guaranteed vehicles Any 2-wheel motor land vehicle piloted by the Beneficiary. Theft Fraudulent embezzlement of the Vehicle committed by breaking and entering or following an act of violence. ARTICLE 2 DESCRIPTION OF MOTORCYCLE ASSISTANCE GUARANTEES The guaranteed vehicle is immobilized following a guaranteed event. We operate under the following conditions: TROUBLESHOOTING / TOWING IN YOUR COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE The vehicle is immobilized in your country of residence following a guaranteed event. We organize and take care of the repairer's travel if the vehicle can be repaired at the place of the event, and if necessary, the towing to the dealership or garage closest to the place of immobilization in your country of residence. Breakdown or towing costs are covered up to the amount indicated in the Table of Guarantees. Breakdown or towing on motorways, ring roads, expressways, can be reimbursed, subject to a telephone call to the Assistance Service within 48 hours of the event and upon presentation of the original invoice paid. The fresh from Repairs of the vehicle Remain à your load. The services of thiscompany are organized and covered by our Assistance Service in the countries not crossed off on the international insurance card (green card). The benefits of this guarantee are refunded when they take place in other countries, subject to a prior call to our Assistance Department. TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION The vehicle is immobilized for less than 72 hours following a guaranteed event. We organize and take charge, up to the amount indicated in the Table of Guarantees, your temporary accommodation pending repairs of the vehicle in an establishment close to the place of immobilization. Catering costs remain your responsibility. The "temporary accommodation" guarantee cannot be combined with the "repatriation to home" guarantee. REPATRIATION TO THE HOME The vehicle is immobilized following a guaranteed event and is not repairable within 72 hours. We organize and take care of your return to your home, by the appropriate means of transport and according to local availability, on the basis of a 2nd class train ticket or an economy class flight ticket. The "repatriation to home" guarantee cannot be combined with the "temporary accommodation" guarantee . RECOVERY OF THE VEHICLE The vehicle is repaired following a guaranteed event, or found in working order following a theft. To allow you to pick it up, we put at your disposal or we refund you (or the person designated by you) a one-way ticket by train 2nd class or economy class plane. Ancillary costs such as energy source (fuel, electricity, LPG, etc.). ), hotel, catering, tolls and parking for the return of the repaired vehicle remain at your expense. ARTICLE 3 - EXCLUSIONS FROM MOTORCYCLE ASSISTANCE The following do not give rise to our intervention:
  • Vehicles used for the carriage of persons or goods for consideration,
  • Vehicles transporting flammable or explosive goods, if the regulations provided for this type of activity have not been complied with,
  • Events occurring on an unsecured vehicle,
  • The costs necessary for salvage the goods carried in the guaranteed vehicle,
  • Consequences of damage to vehicles during maritime transport,
  • Sending from coins Detached No Available at the Wholesalers and Dealers from brands installed in France or in the event of abandonment of manufacture by the manufacturer,
  • Spare parts, repair costs ,
  • Customs fees, tolls, parking, energy source (fuel, electricity, LPG ... ), catering, hotel except those specified in the guarantee text,
  • Fines,
  • The consequences of a mechanical breakdown affecting a vehicle whose repairs classified as mandatory by theroadworthiness test have not been made, or whose lack of maintenance is obvious, or which suffers from a known mechanical failure at the time of departure,
  • The consequences of immobilising the vehicle to carry out maintenance,inspection or overhaul operations,
  • Costs and interventions following a breakdown of energy sources (fuel, electricity, LPG, etc.). )
, an energy source error (fuel, electricity, LPG, etc.). ), battery failure  ,
  • Loss, theft or breakage of keys,
  • Theft of luggage, equipment, goods, and various objects remaining in the vehicle, as well as the accessories of the latter (car radio in particular),
  • Fixed assets due to frost,
  • Damages resulting from participation as a competitor in any motorized or non-motorized competition event (race, rally ...),
  • Damage that is the consequence of wilful non-compliance with the regulations of the countries visited, or of the practice of activities not authorized by local authorities,
  • The consequences of civil or foreign wars, riots, acts of terrorism, strikes, piracy, explosions of nuclear or radioactive devices and effects, climatic events such as storms, hurricanes, floods.
ARTICLE 4 - GENERAL EXCLUSIONS The following do not give rise to our intervention:
  • Services that have not been requested during the trip or that have not been organized by us, or in agreement with us, do not entitle you, a posteriori, to reimbursement or compensation,
  • Damage intentionally caused by the Beneficiary and those resulting from his participation in a crime, misdemeanour or brawl, except in case of self-defense,
  • The amount of the convictions and their consequences,
  • The use of narcotics or drugs not medically prescribed,
  • The state of alcoholic impregnation ,
  • Participation as a competitor in a competitive sport or rally giving entitlement to a national or international classification which is organised by a sports federation for which a licence is issued as well as training for such competitions,
  • Business travel and the practice, on a professional basis, of any sport,
  • Participation in endurance or speed competitions or events and their preparatory tests, on board any land, nautical or aerial transport unit,
  • The consequences of non-compliance with recognized safety rules related to the practice of any leisure sports activity,
  • Costs incurred after the return of the trip or the expiry of the guarantee,
  • Accidents resulting from your participation, even as an amateur, in the following sports: motor sports (except 2-wheel motor land vehicle piloted by the Beneficiary), air sports, mountain mountaineering, bobsleigh, hunting dangerous animals, ice hockey, skeleton, combat sports, caving, snow sports with an international, national or regional ranking,
  • Voluntary non-compliance the country visited or the practice of activities not authorised by the local authorities,
  • Official prohibitions on seizure or coercion by the police,
  • The use by the Beneficiary of air navigation equipment ,
  • The use of war devices, explosives and firearms,
  • Damage resulting from an intentional or fraudulent fault of the Beneficiary in accordance with Article L.113-1 of the Insurance Code,
  • Suicide and attempted suicide,
  • Epidemics and pandemics, pollution, natural disasters ,
  • Civil or foreign war, riots, strikes, popular movements, acts of terrorism, hostage-taking,
  • The decay of the atomic nucleus or any irradiation resulting from an energy powerplant having a radioactivity character.
MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE cannot be held liable under any circumstances for breaches or setbacks in the performance of its obligations resulting from cases of force majeure, or events such as civil or foreign war, riots or popular movements, lockouts, strikes, attacks, acts of terrorism, piracy, storms and hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclones, volcanic eruptions or other cataclysms, the disintegration of the atomic nucleus, the explosion of devices and radioactive nuclear effects, epidemics, effects of pollution and natural disasters, radiation effects or any other fortuitous event or force majeure, as well as their consequences. ARTICLE 5 OPERATING RULES FOR ASSISTANCE SERVICES Only the Beneficiary's telephone call at the time of the event allows the implementation of assistance services. Upon receipt of the call, MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE, after verifying the rights of the applicant, organizes and takes charge of the services provided for in this agreement. To benefit from a service, MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE may ask the Beneficiary to justify the quality he invokes and to produce, at his expense, the documents and documents proving this right. The Beneficiary must allow our doctors access to any medical information concerning the person for whom we are intervening. This information will be treated in compliance with medical confidentiality. MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE can in no way replace local emergency aid organizations and intervenes within the limits of the agreements given by the local authorities, nor can it cover the coststhus incurred, with the exception of the costs of transport by ambulance or taxi to the nearest place where appropriate care may be provided in the event of minor illness or minor injuries that do not require repatriation or medical transport. The interventions that MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE is required to carry out are carried out in full compliance with national and international laws and regulations. They are therefore linked to obtaining the necessary authorisations by the competent authorities. When MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE has taken care of the transport of a Beneficiary/Insured, the latter mustreestimate his return ticket initially planned and not used. MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE decides on the nature of the air ticketing made available to the Beneficiary according to the possibilities offered by the air carriers and the duration of the journey. ARTICLE 6 REFUND CONDITIONS Refunds to the Beneficiary cannot be made by us that on Presentation of original receipted invoices corresponding to expenses incurred with our agreement. Requests for reimbursement should be addressed to: MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE Claims Management Department 126, rue de la Piazza - CS 20010 93196 Noisy le Grand CEDEX ARTICLE 7 DURATION OF MEMBERSHIP AND UPGRADING The subscription of this insurance takes effect on the date of subscription of the " DREAM" card for a period of one year. It is then renewed each year by tacit renewal, all the time of your subscription to the "DREAM" card. If you want to go upmarket, you can do it at any time. Membership of the new card will take effect for a period of one year and will then be renewed each year by tacit agreement. In case of cancellation or change of membership, the paid subscription is not refundable. Website terms and conditions The website (the "Website") is provided by FIM, the registered office being at 11, Route de Suisse, 1295 Mies, Switzerland. The FIM employs the Website notwithstanding the possibility of any other ad hoc or permanent electronic addresses which may also provide access to the content and services provided by means of the Website. Access by users Access to and/or usage of the Website of FIM establishes user status and presupposes acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, in addition to the Privacy Policy of the FIM. The aforementioned conditions shall apply irrespective of any general contractual and electronic commerce conditions which may apply to the functionality provided by the Website. Users undertake to employ the services and information provided to the Website in accordance with principles of good faith. Initial access to the Website is free of charge. However, there may be functionalities or services which are subject to payment of a price under the conditions established in each case. In the event that in order to employ certain functions or services user registration is required, this will be performed by means of data gathering forms, subject to the terms of personal data protection legislation. Protection of intellectual and industrial property rights FIM or licensors of FIM own the intellectual and industrial property rights over the Website, including the content and graphical elements, the source code, design, browsing structure, databases and other elements comprising the Website. FIM is therefore exclusively entitled to exercise rights of exploitation in any form, and specifically rights of reproduction, distribution, public presentation and transformation. Any usage or reproduction performed by users of this content, or any which may in the future be included, must be performed in accordance with these Terms & Conditions, and in all cases with the written authorisation of FIM. Reservation of rights: FIM explicitly declares a reservation of rights in general with regard to the set of content disseminated via the Website and subject to intellectual and industrial property. 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Users may display the content of this Website, or copy and print it on their computer or any other platform, solely for their own personal and private use. Responsibility for content FIM reserves the right to modify or eliminate the content of the Website, and to limit or impede access, on either a temporary or definitive basis, without prior notice. FIM accepts no responsibility for technical access, information or the content of other websites to which it may refer or link from the Website. FIM does not necessarily share the opinions expressed by its contributors. Information regarding links accessible from the Website: FIM accepts no responsibility for third-party websites and those not owned by it which may be accessed via links or any other content made available by third parties. Any usage of a link or connection to a third-party website is performed at the sole risk and venture of the user. FIM  does not recommend or guarantee any information obtained via a link beyond the confines of the Website, and accepts no responsibility for any loss, claim or damages derived from usage or misuse of a link, or the information obtained thereby, including other links or websites, interruption of service or access, or an attempt to make any usage or misuse of a link, whether in connecting to the Website or accessing information of other websites from this Website itself. Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms & Conditions, FIM excludes any liability connected with the Website or these Terms & Conditions to the extent legally possible. Right of exclusion FIM reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to its Website and/or the services provided without the need for prior notification, on its own initiative or at the behest of a third party, in the event that users are in breach of these Terms & Conditions. Subscriptions Subscription to products published by FIM conducted via the Website will be voluntary, and presuppose acceptance of the conditions established in the case in question, which users must expressly accept. This will likewise presuppose agreement to receive commercial information regarding the products and services of FIM. Registration for such services constitutes authorisation for FIM to perform this type of communication. Users may revoke authorisation by contacting FIM in the manner indicated in each case. General aspects FIM explicitly reserves the right to pursue any breach of these Terms & Conditions for any improper usage of its websites by exercising all civil and criminal actions to which it may legally be entitled. FIM cannot guarantee that the Website and the server are free of viruses, and therefore accepts no liability for any damages which may be caused by such anomalies or any other technical incidents. It excludes any warranties connected with its Website and the use of its Website. Modification and duration of these Terms & Conditions FIM may modify these Terms & Conditions from time to time and such modified version of the Terms & Conditions set out on the Website will replace the former Terms & Conditions with immediate effect. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction The relationship between FIM and users shall be governed by substantive Swiss law excluding the conflict of law rules and the Laws in treaties. The courts of Zurich, Switzerland, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of or in connection with the relationship between FIM and the users.